Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wii Fit

Wii Fit - Gotta love the gadget generation. While the articles are posted about the benefits of Wii Fit for seniors and our wounded warriors, but very few articles about the Wii Fit helping our students. How great would be to have a PE/PT class where the students had fun and moved. If the Wii Fit is good enough for our wounded warriors and senior citizens for physical therapy and social interaction, then incorporating the Wii Fit where our students are supports the mind body spirit interaction.

I live in the sandwich generation. Caring for a parent and a child and living in a true technical digital divide but the Wii Fit allows us to sweat, compete, keep track of our progress and enjoy a few laughs.

I support Wii Fit activities for all age groups, regardless of the institution being public or private. I can see more participation from the students and do away with those failing grades when a student refuses to "dress out." Does anyone have those horrible memories of unfashionable gym suits?

My mother and I tend to knock out our workouts in the morning and participate in at least one activity from the Yoga (great stretching exercises even if yoga isn't your thing), strength training, aerobics, and balance games. The activities bring attention to breathing and balance (or lack of) to the participant's attention. The side effect definitely incorporates "Laughter is the best medicine." My daughter does some activities with us...when she is the winner or in 1st place. She does other activities when no one is watching. But it is the same way in a gym and for many middle and high school students who are not comfortable in "dressing out" for gym class.

Another opportunity to incorporate technology into the classroom and counteract the inactivity of everyone who grew up playing outside until the street lights came on.

Is anyone incorporating the Wii Fit for students? Share your links, pictures, and stories.
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