Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back in class

The breaks in between classes seem to pass so quickly...but I am looking forward to this class titled, "The Connected Classroom - Curriculum Development and Technology." As I reflect on the past classes and ponder whether I am going to make it through this doctoral process...I can pick up the discussion with three of my co-workers who are also pursuing doctorate degrees.

I am working on my reading, researching, and writing assignments as I recover from phase one of my first dental implant surgery and I am humbled by the pain killing medication. I still prefer eBooks, reading online, and toying with various text readers over the assigned textbook. The online courses I am taking still require me to purchase printed textbooks and I would prefer to have the book read to me during the recovery phase or after a long day on the computer. As I am coming out of the haziness brought on the pain medication, it is challenging to read the assigned books. I look for the supplemental electronic documents, presentations, blogs, and discussion groups but for this class it looks like we will be creating our own. So I am off to read another three chapters and remind my college bound daughter that she will up her reading and writing game very soon.

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