Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paradigm Paralysis

This topic is part of my weekly assignment. One of the books for the course is Windows on the Future Education in the Age of Technology by Ted McCain and Ian Jukes (2001). The book can also be found in Google Book Search with limited preview ( where you can build your own library.

I discussed the paradigm paralysis with my daughter and asked her about possible solutions. Her first response to the paradigm paralysis referenced the difference between her and her friends using digital gadgets to teachers who do not even read email. I applauded her intuitiveness and reviewed the paradigm paralysis self checklist with her which proved both of us grow with our changes. Whether it is due to the multiple moves with the military, her curiosity coupled with my support of her exploring the world, we accept change as part of life and learn to adapt, implement, and overcome.

I read to her some of the historical references where teachers and principals worried about students as they transformed from using bark to calculate and migrating to slates to forgetting how to sharpen a pencil with a knife to using ballpoint pens and forgetting how to make ink. While my mother can remember using slates and ink bottles during her school days she has migrated into the digital world. It took her a few years to finally purchase a computer, but now she loves her laptop and we successfully weaned her off of AOL in less than a week.

How do you overcome paradigm paralysis? How do you help others overcome their paradigm paralysis?

Do you volunteer at a local library to teach computer skills? Blog about the issues? Experiment with digital tools? Make a commitment to learn something new every day? Share knowledge with others so they may overcome a personal paradigm paralysis? Incorporate an "insist and assist" method of delving into the world of digital gadgets?

Feel free to share your ideas...the Google search for paradigm paralysis and education produces many results.

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