Saturday, November 8, 2008

A full circle event-generational digital knowledge sharing

Today, I took my mother to the library. The lady who took introduced me to reading and libraries throughout my young life. She is still an avid printed book reader although she is reading more digitally because it was part of the deal. Part of the deal when she moved in with us. She was going to have to incorporate digital gadgets or sit on the curb.

A few months ago, my mother moved in with me, which put me in the Sandwich generation. People who have a student/child still at home and take in an aging parent for whatever reason. I am somewhat lucky in that my mother still works, full time at that and life has been full of learning and teachable moments for all of us.

I introduced her to the library director, some of the students who participated in the scholarship and Google workshops at the library, and she checked out 6 books, computer and some recreational reading. Computer workshops are full for November and December, so she opted for January.

I am extremely glad that my mother has the desire and ability to adapt, implement, and overcome. Drill Sergeant / US Army side comes out, but in a positive way. Set the standards/parameters, be the guide on the side, and at times let the children, or even grandchildren be the teachers. OK...sometimes pushups encourage a learning point...LOL

I can say that I am proud of my mother for adapting to the digital lifestyle, one chunk at a time. Since she has been here, she has learned to text on her cell phone, subscribes to blogs and news using an RSS reader, played with at least one new Google product each week, downloaded from iTunesU, listens to podcasts, uses the Wii Fit, and keeps in touch with grandchildren and other family members through MySpace.

So wish us luck as she "Skype"s with her grandson this weekend.
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