Sunday, November 9, 2008

David Warlick's Big Ideas - Bring Education back into Focus

David Warlick is collecting your gather your thoughts, whittle the characters down to 140, and submit your action statements.

From the site: Big Ideas - Bring Education Back into Focus
The project features four phases.

Phase 1 (Starts 11/9/08)
Instructions - Think about the basic priority actions that might be taken by a new Department of Education that would promote shifts in education that are relevant to today´s students and their future.

Scroll down the page to see statements already posted.

Compose a statement that succinctly describes that action using no more than 140 characters. Be clear and to the point.

Type or paste your statement in the textbox to the left, no more than 140 characters. Type your name and click [Submit]

Spend about two-and-a-half days composing and posting clear and succinct (140 character limit) priority actions for a U.S. Ed Department aimed at promoting and empowering a system that better prepares today’s children for their future.

Phase 2
The Big Ideas web site will change, consisting of a list of the items that were posted. We, will collectively match up similar items into the basic foundation topics. Nothing will be deleted, only linked.

Phase 3
The basic topics that emerge will be listed, with associated items linked in, with a request that education bloggers and micro-bloggers post their insights about specific topics of interest.

Phase 4
Finally, the main topics will be listed, with links to an aggregation of associated blogs and micro-blogs. Educators will then be asked to visit the list and prioritize the list by order of importance and logical sequence.

Visit David Warlick's blog to pick up the badge and post it on your site. Spread the word.
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