Saturday, December 13, 2008

Support the Digiteens - Different ways

For everyone who has been lurking and watching what the Digiteen Dream Team has been doing with their efforts to "Keep Lively Alive" they have posted some options for readers of their blog. Check the Digiteen Dream Team blog and read their updates. They have connected with a class in Hong Kong and provided links and suggestions that meet the needs of their blog readers.

So what can you do?

Check out the Cool Cat Teacher blog. Vicki Davis has posted a variety of projects created by her students from letters to videos. These posts include her support of the students and the actions they are taking about something they learned in school and connected with the real world, globally.
Sign the Keep Google Lively Active online petition.
Join the Facebook group of Livelyzens.
Share your succes feedback/opinion with Google
Check out the Livelyzens blogs in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, and English
Download Lively and create an account and join the protest room.

This has been a valuable learning experience for all the Digiteen supporters and their blog readers. For all of the bad news spewed about children and the Internet, Vicki's students are learning, practicing, and teaching younger students about Digital Citizenship.

Parents...check out the Cool Cat Teacher's blog post titled, "A Little Digital Citizenship Parent Brainstorming: Share Your Thoughts" on 8/8/08.

There are still too many adults that could use a course in Digital Citizenship in order to set the example for the people they influence. We can all learn something from the Digiteen Dream Team. When is the last time you took a stand for something you believed passionately about that didn't include a majority?
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