Sunday, December 14, 2008

Options? My parents want me to go to college but...

Don't give up! If college is not for you that is OK too...expand your horizons. eScholar through is an umbrella site where students can apply for scholarships, apprenticeships, internships, cooperatives, fellowships, and grants through the Federal government. If nothing else, review the requirements....sometimes a parent's passion for their student's future may not be a shared vision.

Don't forget to check your favorite corporation for opportunities.

Publix Careers - Culinary Experience, Tuition Assistance, Internships
Walmart Internships - MBA and Corporate Internships, Pharmacy Internships
Google jobs and internships

The last scholarship workshop for 2008 will be conducted on Wednesday, 12/17/08. I have been asked to do one more in January. Then we move on to the Google products workshops.

During the last couple of workshops, I have been asked, "Now that you have focused on the students what about us...the adults?"

This is why I love the Internet and the eroding of the walls. Adults...guess what the majority of our seniors graduating from high school are? Legal adults.

Adults...if you want to qualify for any type of financial aid you must fill out a FAFSA. Like our students you have the option of creating a GAcollege411 account. There is a tab titled Adult Learner. If you are a parent and involved with your student's pursuit of college financing...might as well join them.

Scholarship search sites such as Fastweb and Brokescholar are open to anyone who can input data to interact with a website. Check the privacy and TOS (Terms of Service) for age requirements.

Some of the participants stated, "This is like work"...regardless of the economy, applying for scholarships, internships, apprenticeships, and/or jobs is work. If you are passionate about pursuing an education, formally or informally, you have to apply everything you have learned...while continuing to learn.

The FAFSA student aid site provides links for students in middle school, high school, college, in English and EspaƱol. There are links for non traditional students, International students, Parents, Counselors/Mentors, and Native Americans.

Microsoft and Michigan Virtual University have partnered and created the CareerForward program. A website for students and teachers, "to be introduced to the growing global competition that they will face. Most important, they need motivation to plan and see the education that is so crucial for their futures."

There are too many programs to address in a blog, one workshop, with one counselor or one individual...It is OK to ask, never settle, and if you are going to soar with the eagles quit hanging with the turkeys.

When you want to throw in the towel and give up...just ask one question, "Whose future is it anyway?"
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