Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Remote Participative Parenting

So I haven't posted a blog entry in three weeks. With the move from GA to NC, the job transition, and continuing with my graduate work, blog posts and tweets just fell down the list of things to do.

I have left the proverbial nest and with email, GMail's v-chat, text, Facebook, MySpace, and cell phones the connections are still there and my participative parent status has migrated from F2F to virtual.

I am contemplating on what to do with the blog because my participative parent status has moved from F2F to virtual and the child is a college student. One more specialty course in the Educational Technology Management graduate program before the thesis courses coupled with the security involved in my new position I am not sure I have enough time and relevant information to continue posting valuable posts. Part of the blog serves as an audit trail so I may start a new one focusing on the Ed Tech side as I adapt to the empty nest status.

The transition is interesting, apartment hunting, learning new state laws, seeing old friends, making new ones, saying hello and goodbye to those who do not use technology.

My ties to Georgia are not cut with my daughter and mother still residing in the house which I still pay property taxes for in GA. I have not lost contact with those who still reside there but where do the blog posts tie into this transition?

I will make the decision this weekend and keep everyone posted.
As always comments are always welcome.
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