Monday, February 16, 2009

Remote Participative Parenting Continued

My daughter took this picture during one of our VTCs. Only the digital generation will take pictures of their parents and post them on their social networks to let their friends know mom is just a click away.

I enjoy our communication through email, text, and VTC. We say what mean and we mean what we say. Even grandma enjoys the VTC and "blowing me up to full screen".

I went back for a visit and we had a couple of meals together but she had to work and of course her college social life has her committed with friends.

While my daughter didn't have this type of technology in her public school education, at least she has participative family members who incorporate technology to stay connected. I am proud to call her a gadget girl.

While I am enjoying the empty nest status, blogging has fallen down the list of priorities as I explore new interests and enjoy getting outdoors and exploring the different parks in NC.

I do not miss all of the negative press about our students from the media sources in Augusta, GA. I could return to Augusta and not read the local news about students being arrested, suspended, or harangued.
It doesn't mean it didn't happen, I just chose not to view any of the local media.

Any one else out there practicing remote participative parenting as the child moves off to college, the parent moves on for career progression, or deploys in support of our country? Your comments are always welcome.
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