Sunday, May 3, 2009

It is that time of year...Thanks

It is that time of year again as we jump into Teacher Appreciation Week, School Nurse Appreciation Day, Mother's Day, 2009 graduations, Memorial Day, and Father's Day.

With the economy being the way it is, many people are asking, "What are we going to do?" So what are you going to do?

Some schools go all out for Teacher Appreciation Week, others...well, not so much. The longest journey begins with the first go ahead...take initiative, write a thank you note, thank you email, a thank you blog post, or a thank you video. Whether you are a teacher by profession or a lifelong educator as a parent, those two words, "Thank you" mean more than can be measured.

Remember The Dash ? Linda Ellis also published A Teacher's Dash (2007). Visit the site and send the link to someone and say thank you.

We are in this together, through good times and bad, students today are the leaders (or not) of tomorrow. To those who teach by profession, by volunteering, by survival, remember...learners are everywhere.

So to all the teachers, through formal and informal means, please know that you are appreciated for every ounce of knowledge, skill, and ability that you share with others.

And to all parents and guardians who are the lifelong educators of children and doing everything they can with what they know...enjoy this week but know that you are appreciated year round for what you do!!! It is OK to collaborate considering the end result is the success of students long after they leave a formal learning environment.

Some ideas that only cost time and effort:

  • Say Thank You. In person, online, or both. Write a blog post, call your local radio station and shout to the listeners, email the mayor, shout it from a roof top. Sample press releases are available all over the Internet, and the PTA and NEA sites both offer sample press releases.
  • Send out a press release thanking the teachers at your school, highlighting why teachers are so important to our children, and advertising your Teacher Appreciation Week activities.
  • Read the 3 page PTA (pdf) document of ideas to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Join the PTA's Thank a Teacher Facebook group.
  • Read NEA's Ideas and Actions website for more ideas.
So to everyone who teaches in the variety learning environments, THANK YOU, from one of many, lifelong learners.

Keep on learning...wherever you may be.

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