Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RCSS and APA Dropout Prevention

On September 19, 2009, the Richmond County School System (RCSS) in partnership with America's Promise Alliance hosted a dropout prevention summit.

The session consisted of individuals who presented information, a Youth Panel, and breakout sessions. This organized occasion was held at Davidson Fine Arts School. This event is one part of what RCSS must do to justify the grant from APA and support the five year plan.

RCSS recently launched a Facebook page and as of today has 240 fans. Like the RCSS website, the social network connection is still one way transmission from the RCSS. In support of the dropout prevention summit, I created a Ning, RCSS APA Dropout Prevention to allow those who want to support the effort virtually and remain informed about opportunities to assist RCSS students to be successful but cannot attend events.

Many people in Augusta, GA are not given opportunities to virtually interact with others and support the RCSS Mission statement which is, "to educate students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens." The RCSS APA Dropout Prevention Ning allows those to continue on the lifelong journey and be productive citizens. Another purpose of the RCSS APA Dropout Prevention Ning is to provide some assistance to RCSS diminish their perceived reputation as The Tower of Power and/or the Puzzle Palace.

People want to do something to see the students in Augusta graduate and be productive citizens but are not always sure where to start or what they can do. The RCSS APA Ning allows individuals to join others and become aware of things they can do to share knowledge and learn from others who yearn to see Augusta students succeed.

Want to help? Check out the RCSS APA Ning and join if you want to see students succeed.
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