Saturday, September 5, 2009

Research Strategies and Twitter Connections

As I come to a close on my latest course, Research Strategies, I wanted to share a few Twitter connections I discovered which are not mentioned in a syllabus or in the online classroom. Online libraries and databases can be intimidating to students new to the online learning environment so I thought I would share the Twitter connections I discovered while waiting for these online libraries or databases to produce the results for my key words.

As a seasoned online student, I have to give props to EBSCOhost. Of all the online databases used in this course, EBSCOhost has improved the most over the years. Options for storing notes, export citations to Bibliographic Manager, and offering different formats for citations.

The options to export citations to the Bibliographic Manager are:

Save citations to a file formatted for:
Direct Export to EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager
Direct Export to EndNote Web
Generic bibliographic management software
Citations in BibTeX format
Citations in MARC21 format
Direct Export to RefWorks

The formatting options for citations by EBSCOhost are:
AMA - Reference List
APA - References
Chicago/Turabian - Author/Date - Reference List
Chicago/Turabian - Humanities - Bibliography
MLA - Works Cited
Vancouver/ICMJE Style - References

Now for the Twitter connections to the different online databases and the public websites associated with the source:
@credoreference - Customizable general reference solution for learners and librarians.
@EBSCOPublishing - Service provider of e-journal, e-book and e-journal package, print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text, secondary databases, and services for all types of libraries and research organizations.
@LNAcademic - LexisNexis Academic - Research references and for libraries worldwide.
@ProQuest - Creates specialized information resources and technologies that propel successful research, discovery, and lifelong learning.
@RefWorks - Creates tools for faculty, researchers, students, and librarians that enhance and enrich the process of discovery and research.
@safaribooks - Safari Books Online - Depending on your school or employer your access may vary. Free trials are available.
@SAGEeducation - A leading international publisher of books and resources for education professionals.
@worldcatorg - The largest network of library content and services.
*The list is alphabetical, not based on any rating system, personal preference or priority.

This post is meant to share information that I wish was available when I started the Research Strategies course. I do not suggest that the Twitter connections replace your online library resources, but provide a supplementary means to keep informed of scheduled updates/outages, knowing whether a particular resource is available with a mobile app, connecting to a source on Twitter (or other social networks), being able to search FAQs or connect with someone who can provide real time information about your school's connection with a particular online database or service and to improve your awareness of the tools available today.

If you have additional resources to share or recommendations, please leave a comment, shared knowledge empowers us all.
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