Sunday, April 11, 2010

Student Opportunities, ISTE NETS-S, Self-Assessment and Empowerment

Do you or your students visit the OPM Student opportunities site? This site allows students of all ages, in all levels of education to view the requirements and apply for jobs, internships, scholarships, fellowships, grants, and apprenticeships within the federal government. The jobs, internships, scholarships, grants, fellowships, and apprenticeships link to the educational opportunities available to students high school through doctorate level and career professionals.

Learning how to fill out applications for the different programs requires students of all ages to self assess their personal and professional achievements, collect information for human references, and learn how to write about their achievements while analyzing different application requirements and deadlines for each program.

The links below allow one to view the diverse opportunities available which they may not be aware of in or out of high school. Visit the site to review the opportunities from NASA, CIA, Departments of Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, FDIC, FCC, and many more.

Call to Serve - A joint initiative between the Partnership for Public Service and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), is dedicated to helping you learn more about careers in the federal government. To date, more than 642 campuses and 75 federal agencies have joined together to form the Call to Serve network.

Additional opportunities for students (eScholar)
Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Apprenticeships 

Federal Jobs by Major - A list of popular jobs filled by individuals with degrees. This list is not all inclusive and some job titles and fields are new to high school students whose environment, family, school choices may be limited. Great discussion opener for students who are thinking about future opportunities.

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) information
Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) information

Presidential Management Fellows Program and Application information - 2 year paid fellowship for graduate students.

Federal Career Intern Programs:  Individuals interested in Career Intern opportunities must contact specific agencies directly. Today, 80 opportunities are listed under the Internship link, listed below are a few of the agency specific internship opportunities.

Department of Education
CDC Department of Health Promotion and Education
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) Congressional Internship Program
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Congressional Internship Program - Summer, Communications, and Emerging Leaders

Exploring opportunities is a great way to help students empower themselves whether they are seeking local job opportunities or want to do great things in the world. When we listen to students discussing their dreams of what they want to do in life, one thing that is missing is their plan to achieve those dreams. Not all students attend resume writing workshops, career information seminars, or have encouragement from community members, and the OPM Student Opportunities site allows them to explore opportunities from their mobile devices, homes with Internet access, and local libraries with computer labs while learning to compile personal and professional information. While they are conducting self assessments, students may discover that they need to make different choices in their educational pursuits, become involved with community volunteer activities, and build their network of human references.  

Encourage and challenge students to explore the requirements for a particular career field, internships, apprenticeships, cooperative learning, and scholarships. Exploring the diverse opportunities allows students to apply ISTE's NETS for Students: (1) Creativity and Innovation, (2) Communication and Collaboration, (3) Research and Information Fluency, (4) Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making, (5) Digital Citizenship, (6) Technology Operations and Concepts as independent learners.


What are the eligibility requirements?
Each program has different requirements. Most programs require that you actively pursue a degree, certification, or diploma. In addition, you need to be in good academic standing at your school, a U.S. citizen, and able to meet security requirements. Check specific programs for eligibility criteria.

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