Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DOD Computers for Learning

Updated links that changed due to the We Are DLA Initiative.

The DOD CFL program was created to provide useful IT equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations serving grades pre-K through 12. The DOD CFL program is designed to streamline the transfer of excess and surplus DOD IT equipment to schools.

The application process is simple, apply online and submit a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). In addition, Private/Parochial Schools and Non-Profit Educational Entities need to complete and submit an End Use Certificate (EUC) and be approved through the Trade Security Control (TSC) Office.

Registration for Public Schools
Registration for Private/Parochial Schools
Registration for Non-Profit educational entities serving K-12
Is your school/entity already approved?
Search by state or zip code
Search approved Non-profit educational entities
Executive Order 12999 Computers for Learning (signed 1996)

"In order to ensure that American children have the skills they need to succeed in the information- intensive 21st century, the Federal Government is committed to working with the private sector to promote 4 major developments in American education: making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom; providing teachers with the professional development they need to use new technologies effectively; connecting classrooms to the National Information Infrastructure; and encouraging the creation of excellent educational software. This Executive Order streamlines the transfer of excess and surplus Federal computer equipment to our Nation's classrooms and encourages Federal employees to volunteer their time and expertise to assist teachers and to connect classrooms".

Sec. 1. Protection of Educationally Useful Federal Equipment
Sec. 2. Efficient Transfer of Educationally Useful Federal Equipment to Schools and Nonprofit Organizations.
Sec. 3. Assisting Teachers' Professional Development: Connecting Classrooms.
Sec. 4. Definitions For the purposes of this order:
Sec. 5. This order shall supersede Executive Order No. 12821 of November 16, 1992.
Sec. 6. Judicial Review
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