Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do you measure your intangibles? Justify your ROI?

After reading The Value of Learning: How Organizations Capture Value and ROI and Translate Them into Support, Improvement, and Funds by Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips another factor was entered the components for consideration as I formulate ideas and themes for my concept paper.

For those who run on the ADDIE gerbil wheel, develop daily, weekly, or monthly status reports on productivity, create performance evaluations, or other types of status do you measure what people bring to the table? How do you document the intangibles? How do you justify your ROI? How do you document what you learn, create, develop or ____________ (enter the words that apply to what you do)

The book addresses some common intangibles such as reputation/image, leadership, social responsibility, intellectual capital, team effectiveness, networking, communication, learning, innovation, creativity, and others. I am sure you have unique intangibles that you bring to the table when you assess strengths and weaknesses in your personal and professional life. How do you measure and document intangibles in your quarterly or annual performance evaluations?

While the book addresses ROI calculation, analyzing Benefit/Cost Ratio, Payback Period, Net Program Benefits, Program Costs, when you apply this to what you with whether you are techno-n00b, techno-phobe, or techno extreme how do you document what you do and justify your productivity?

Technology integration varies from organization to individuals, justifying your ROI, providing measureable connections to missions, and identifying intangibles which support the mission, vision, and organization may allow employees to see their role in the overall picture as technology becomes an expected skill.

So how do you identify and measure intangibles? Calculate your ROI? Calculate the value you bring to the product/program/objective/mission?


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