Sunday, October 31, 2010

How do you share what you learn?

October has been a month in transition for home, career, and community and for many reasons. While I have not been as active on my blog or through Twitter, I am thankful for my RSS feed reader to keep me up to date on personal and professional information. For that, my PLN is awarded the ABCD (Above & Beyond the Call of Digital Duty) Award.

For those of you who blog, tweet, or share through the Internet keep up the great work, regardless of the never know when that one tidbit of information will bring value or provide a reference point when someone is looking for something. Using Google and Google's social search I can quickly access tweets, posts, or other items of interest from those I am connected to virtually. Keep sharing what you learn or whatever you are passionate about because you never know when you may be helping someone who needs a unique perspective.

November brings the opportunity for me to return to the local branch of my community library, Diamond Lakes Library and give the computer workshops using Google products, scholarship searches and even start up the BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech) workshops initially starting with Twitter. I enjoy these workshops because the audience is only limited by their ability to acquire a free library card and register for the free workshops. This audience is very different from our local public (Richmond County GA) school students where social media and cell phones are banned and from the military audience who may or may not have grown up with social media and work within the Department of Defense's regulatory guidance.

So for those of you who share via social media, you are awarded the ABCD Award for going Above and Beyond the Call of Digital Duty.

Keep up the great job and many thanks to the participants of my PLN!
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