Saturday, May 7, 2011

IdeaPaint finally makes a debut in the SW Augusta Lowe's

About 45 days ago I was at  my local Lowe's and inquired at the paint department and customer service about the location of IdeaPaint. I was shown chalkboard paint and said no, IdeaPaint it is like a whiteboard paint so I can write on the walls with dry erase markers. The paint department sent me across the aisle to customer service.  At customer service, she called the paint department and asked if she knew anything about the paint I was looking for, of course the same response. She asked where did I learn about this paint, and my response was through the net, particularly from my Twitter network

You can order IdeaPaint from the IdeaPaint website or from Lowe's. My preference was to purchase it at the store or special order it and pick it up at the store and receive the 10% military discount offered by Lowe's. 

Last weekend, as I walked in the front main aisle, I saw this display at the edge of the paint department. While I was happy Lowe's now carries IdeaPaint in the store, I thought how much cooler would it be if the area above this display had an operational piece with IdeaPaint so people could write on it with a dry erase marker and experience the product.

IdeaPaint display at SW Augusta Lowe's

I appreciate Lowe's bringing IdeaPaint to the physical storefront. If you do purchase the IdeaPaint, there is a list of items you want to purchase in addition to the IdeaPaint:  Glidden Gripper or Killz Primer, a separate roller for the primer, and typical paint prep accessories such as tape, 120 grit sand paper,  rags for clean up, and you need to let IdeaPaint cure for 7 days. Plan on vacating the room and set up for ventilation as the odor is quite different than standard paint.
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