Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Tech Sharing Certs for School Nurse, Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day

Thanks to 2500+ using the Tech Sharing Certs for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, School Nurse recognition and other days that can be associated with sharing techspertise.

With many people looking to give meaningful gifts on limited budgets here are a few free certificates that you can use or modify for your tech sharing event for upcoming School Nurse Appreciation Day, Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day. Many children want to give but may not know what to give...so the gift of your time can be memorable especially when sharing techspertise.

These are created in Google Docs and you can create a copy and print or tailor to your needs. Be creative and give the gift of your time and share techspertise amongst each other.

No tech in the classroom or at home? Meet at the local library, introduce people to members of your PLN, show someone how to make that digital clock to quit blinking, challenge others to explore menu bar options, share tips on recycling tech, enjoy a Google video chat or Skype conversation.....fill in the blank with your idea.  Tech skills are as diverse as the tools available...why not help someone learn something new...or be willing to let someone show you what they have learned.

School Nurse Technology Sharing Gift Certificate

Teacher Appreciation Technology Sharing Gift Certificate

Mother's Day Technology Sharing Gift Certificate

Enjoy...and feel free to share how you used the certificates. Thanks to all of you (2500+) who have used these tech sharing certs with others.
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