Sunday, March 4, 2012

Docusign Ink App

DocuSign Ink for personal use lets you sign and return ANY document sent to you as an email attachment or stored in a cloud service—for FREE. DocuSign Ink is available through the iTunes Store, Android Market, and as a plug in for Outlook through the Office Marketplace

Common Access Card holders have the option to use ApproveIt to digitally sign documents. Classroom images currently do not have ApproveIt installed. This situation will be resolved during the month of March as the classroom images are updated.

Screen capture from Android
Now the challenge is on to go paperless with some of the common documents that we use in the SCCC classrooms that require signatures. From vehicle inspection checklists that must be completed before every long weekend (government holiday, training holiday), student designed memorandums for record (MFR) for assignments, cover sheets of designated projects, to classroom QAO evaluation checklists, presenting options for those who use digital devices is another way to integrate digital tools. This provides another option for personnel participating in the iPad pilot.

As more SCCC students bring digital devices to the classroom, the budget cuts which always impact toner and paper purchases, the option to securely sign documents is a job requirement and a learning opportunity for the diverse group of SCCC students and their facilitators.

One issue that always arises is the security of the signature. As we are all aware, if something was created by humans, it can be hacked by humans. DocuSign has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification as an information security management system. DocuSign Security and Legal information: 

  • DocuSign warrants Federal ESIGN Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) compliance.
  • Exported signed documents are digitally sealed and verified for authenticity with a trusted third-party certificate authority.
  • Detailed audit trails for each transaction include sender name and email address, timestamps, and originating IP address for each action.
Are you using DocuSign in a learning environment? Or for personal or professional use? If so, how is it working for you?

Recent screenshot from the iPad and the Android (above) devices I am using to tinker with the DocuSign Ink app.

Some additional features of DocuSign:
Additional options for those using DocuSign for Business: Signing, Sending, Collaborating, Enterprise Management, Mobile, Legal and Security.

All types businesses are using Docusign and the marketplace options from Independent contractors, Realtors, Salesforce, Banking, to parents signing permission slips.

What digital signature tool do you use most often?

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