Monday, May 21, 2012

How are you using the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)?

This dictionary provides insight, supported by research, documenting differences in American Regional English. As your global connections expand via the net, this unique dictionary can provide an introduction to words and phrases you may never have heard before. DARE can be used with families that move or travel often, in classes where international students participate, or for those who are curious about why some people say what they say. Check out some examples of regional synonyms found in DARE.

What is DARE? From the University of Wisconsin site: The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) is a multi-volume reference work that documents words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from one place to another place across the United States. Challenging the popular notion that our language has been "homogenized" by the media and our mobile population, DARE demonstrates that there are many thousands of differences that characterize the dialect regions of the U.S.

The site offers quizzes for your self assessment: DARE you to take our quiz DARE Volume III quiz DARE Volume IV quiz Volume I-III quiz

The printed book is available through Harvard University Press or use WorldCat to find the book in your local library.

ISBN numbers: 
Vol. I A-C 978-0-674-20511-6
Vol. II D-H 978-0-674-20512-3
Vol. III I-O 978-0-674-20519-2
Vol. IV P-Sk 978-0-674-00884-7
Vol. V Sl-Z 978-0-674-04735-8
Vol. VI Index

What else can you do with DARE?
State-by-state. See which communities DARE visited in your state
Listen to how we speak. Hear audio samples that demonstrate the rich variety of American language.
DARE you to take our quiz. Do you know a toot from a tush hog? Take our quiz and find out!
5 Questions with Joan Hall. Video DARE chief editor Joan Houston Hall discusses the five-decades-long project.
Historical word of the month from June 2009 to present.
100 Entries
Audio samples
You can follow DARE on Twitter.
Check out some examples of regional synonyms found in DARE

How are you using DARE?
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