Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Single point of failure. Are you one?

Are you a single point of failure? Many people associate single points of failure (SPOF) with technology, but humans can be SPOFs too. The one life event that is guaranteed to occur when you are born is you will die. 
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If you aren't working yourself out of your position, whether in the family unit or corporate organizations, you are setting people up for redundant work, frustration, and you are not fulfilling your DASH.

Whether someone takes time off from work, physically or mentally checks out, or simply takes a break from the family unit, someone always gets stuck. So start today...whether it is a personal diary with how the things work around the house and instructions on how to access the information once you are absent or if you make yourself holier than thou on the two way rifle range leave some tidbit of the treasure trove of your skills, knowledge, and abilities for someone to come along and keep the battle rhythm in sync. Adapt, implement, and overcome only goes so far when you have to continuously pick up the slack.

Take some time, do a self assessment, and leave the information for others who will replace you. If you don't like to write or type, make a video. Knowledge hoarding does not equal job security and when you pass don't leave additional "stuff to do"  for those you leave behind, they are already emotionally drained adjusting to loss of life. Assess the scenario, whether personal or professional as the the story of the Blind Men and an Elephant, then become one part of the resolution.

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