Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bugle Call apps iTunes and Google Play

One popular free app developed by service members and usable by many digital device users is the Bugle Call app. The Android app has 16 common bugle calls and the iTunes version contains 18 common bugle calls. This app is free and used with the military members and families, ROTC students, JROTC students, Girl and Boy Scouts, and others who use bugle calls for unique and diverse reasons. This app is available through iTunes and Google Play.
The iTunes version has 18 Bugle calls.
The Android version has 16 Bugle Calls
Bugle calls are also available on the web from a variety of sites and sources.
US Army Bugle Calls
US Scouting Bugling Merit Badge
Wikipedia Bugle Calls

How do you use Bugle calls? Ceremonies? Formal and informal learning environments? Family get togethers? Tinkering? Comments, recommendations +1s, and reaction check boxes are always appreciated.

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