Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids moving back home for the summer? Parents moving in for an extended stay?

Times are different for the generation suffering from the quarter age crisis. Today families are converging, whether it is to take care of a parent who needs a place to live or medical care, to young adults who realize life is not what they perceived once they crossed a high school or college graduation stage, or for financial reasons.

This Google Doc provides some basic parameters to document before the young adult child returns home for a temporary stay or if a parent, in law, or any other acquaintance moves in to your home for an extended stay. It is acceptable to set the ground rules, modify as agreed upon, and post them on a door in the home or on the net. Whether the cohabitants move is only for the summer break from school or for an extended stay, set the ground rules before those who are uber sensitive get their feelings hurt to the individual who thinks they are entitled to a place to stay without restitution.

It is also acceptable to have everyone come to the table with their top 10 rules and preferences, involve the digital devices, document the situation, and start a family blog. I am not the expert in this situation, but the 2010 census shows that 5.1 million households are considered multigenerational households sharing what we know, lessons learned, and what works in unique situations helps everyone involved.

Comments, recommendations, suggestions, and document ratings are always welcome.
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