Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I discovered about Kindle DX keyboard commands

I learned a couple of keyboard commands with the Kindle DX this weekend. Not by design but working with the Amazon support team via online chat in support of my mom's Kindle DXThe Kindle DX has a keyboard and the 4 keyboard commands that I learned about are:

From the Settings screen (Menu key > Settings):
Alt+311 or Alt+EQQ Switch wireless provider
Alt+411 or Alt+RQQ Show diagnostics data
Alt+511 or Alt+TQQ Run loopback call test
Alt+611 or Alt+YQQ Diagnostic data service call

I knew this online support timeline was way beyond an acceptable time limit and eventually he dropped off. The next one, Roxie took over and I pasted our last diagnosis in our chat that referenced all of the servers being down, down, down, down.

She came back with this isn't normal but the radio transmitter was not activated in the replacement Kindle. She asked for a few minutes and poof all of a sudden we have bars after another reboot. Since we reset the Kindle back to factory defaults, I asked if she could help us so I didn't have to download all archived items and she did. I told my mom to give Roxie 5 stars and bars and to have her share her lessons learned. If the previous Amazon support team would have known what Roxie knew there would be less frustration in the world.

During this excursion, I came across some great references for other Kindle DX users:
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A Kindle World Blog If Wireless Never Connects

Back to the world of tinkering with the likes of a Kindle Fire, Toshiba Thrive, iPad, and other digital devices. Comments, recommendations, +1s, and reaction box checks are always appreciated.
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