Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pause for the Cause

Like many people this week we celebrated things to be thankful for but part of my reflection was on my withdrawal from my doctoral studies one year ago. While caring for little JJ as a custodial G Parent, my life has changed for the good, the bad, and the fugly. I am just taking a "Pause for the Cause" and will continue to be an autodidact.

  • I remember attempting to explain to my Academic Advisor on why she didn't get my reason to withdraw. It was not an easy decision.
  • I don't have as much time to blog.
  • I read more than interact with my social media streams.
  • I empathize with those dealing with depression in their own families.
  • Poopy diapers are still as stinky as one may remember.
  • I am thankful that none of us remember our baby teeth coming in.
  • I am thankful to my mother for being there during the process.
  • I am thankful for the adults in her life who continue to show her love, regardless of what her parents are going through and adjustments we make since we were not in the same life social circles before she came into the world.
  • Prices of diapers and child care have kept up with the times.
  • Family counseling only works with those who participate.
  • You still need the village to raise the child.
  • Glad the National Zoo is still free.
  • I love how playgrounds have improved over the years.

For those who care for babies and toddlers I have no idea how you keep up with your techspertise, social media, and the things you want to do in life everyday. Transitioning from an empty nester to a custodial GMama has been enlightening, frustrating, enjoyable, and transformational.

While I will not make my personal goal of completing my doctorate degree in the first five decades of life, I will return and accomplish this goal before the sixth decade of my life. Life isn't over...I am just taking a "Pause for the Cause".

In the mean time, little JJ continues to tinker with techy gadgets although she wants everyone else's gadgets. She uses the gadgets for different reasons and different apps. She still likes to write and draw with washable markers on paper and the bathtub (Thanks Crayola). Buy hey maybe this is a restart on my next thesis as a participant researcher in the process?

So as a unique ed techie, I will find time to blog which may consist of books I am reading, compare/contrast the techie differences between lil JJ and her mother's techie experiences, lessons learned but all things digital with lil JJ are kept more private. She can make the decision about her digital footprint when she is a little older.

As you reflect on another year of giving thanks, what are you really thankful for?
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