Sunday, May 17, 2009

Suggestions for the RCSS and $24.5 million budget shortfall

Another Augusta Chronicle article titled, School board faces tough financial calls and my last homework assignment prompted me to create this form and publicly display the results.

There are many issues in the RCSS and room for improvement in many areas, including incorporating a suggestion improvement program. So rather than complain, gripe, and/or groan I created this form.

I encourage all of my blog readers to participate in this informal survey and to forward the link with those who have been successful during budget cuts and educratic bureaucracy.

You can fill out the form below or access the form through this link. The results can be found here.

Names and email addresses are not required, just in case you are an employee, student, or parent who fears retribution. As an adult student in the lifelong learning process and a RC taxpayer, I had to do something. Even when board members and administrators do not listen with or without their permission, the Internet is a powerful tool.

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