Friday, July 13, 2012

Top and Bottom 10 Posts - Another homework post

Many popular blogs publish their "Top 10" or "Top Posts Visited" and while I have never done one I thought I would do one for this homework blog post. 

Top 10 visited blog posts
What is milSuite? June 2010
DoD Computers for Learning Program September 2010
Coke Rewards for Schools August 2010
Readability Indices, Google Docs, MS Word, Outlook, & Twitter Stream February 2012
Heart Graph, Google search features and geeks are cool February 2012
Do You Qurify? Are you using QR Codes? July 2012
APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, Vancouver  April 2010
How are you using the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)? May 2012
Docusign Ink App March 2012
GAEE - Oregon, IS339, and PGCPS June 2010

Bottom 10 visited blog posts
Wii Fit June 2008
Reflection and Perspectives August 2009
3 References Do Your Students Have Them? October 2009
From Past to Present August 2009
Have some fun with Binary and Text March 2009
The DD (Digital Divide) in Augusta December 2008
Trust but verify October 2008
Ultimate Parent Guide October 2008
National Writing Project and Google August 2008
Reflection and Transformative Learning March 2009

This activity allows me to reflect and assess the blog activity, my writing skills, links and the relevancy of topics in the blog. Comments, recommendations, reaction box checks, and +1s are always welcome.
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